Pete Cairns trip

The Northshots set up is ideal for wildlife photography. We stayed at the bungalow which is situated in a wooded area overlooking the river. It is comfortable, warm and surrounded by wildlife including woodland birds and mammals including red squirrel and pine martin. Pete also has a range of hides set up to which we had access (booking necessary) and covered crested tit and red squirrels in a range of situations including woodland settings, jumping and reflective pond. However with temperatures down to -12C and 12 inches of snow the latter wasn't an option. With some advice from Pete's colleague James we managed jumping shots for the squirrel. They are fast and locked focus/ rapid shutter speed/high FPS are needed.
The crested tit hide allowed both backlit shots highlighting the crest and front lit if you wandered around outside . Being quiet the birds accepted your presence.
Thoroughly recommended throughout the year