Finland 2016

Finland in the snow is a great time to view the wildlife. The need for food attracts them close and makes for wonderful photography with great backdrops. We travelled in the early spring to see the bears and wolverines. This timing coincided with the bears emerging from hibernation, a time when they need to replenish after a period of fasting.
There are a wide range of opportunities to photograph animals and bears across the country, from the coastal areas on the Baltic in the West through to the forest in the East on the Russian border. Specialities at that time of year include bears, wolverines, golden and white tailed eagle, hooper swans, black grouse and capercaillie and a wide range of owls.
We would fully recommend Finnature to organise your visit. Their extensive knowledge of the area and wildlife ensures that you you will have extensive opportunities to get that special image. Add that with the humour and guidance of Jari Peltomarki makes for a very special trip